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Apartment Housing Security System

Protect Your Housing Property.
Prevent Crime Before It Happens

  • Eliminate Trespassing
  • Prevent Vandalism
  • Deter theft
  • Build a safe housing community
  • Improve relations with local law enforcement

More Effective Security

Traditional security guards, cameras, and access control systems fail to prevent crimes and vandalism. Elite is different. We use advanced remote guarding technology and proprietary processes to protect your property with better results than onsite security guards.


If a threat is detected, our highly trained agents, recruited from the military and law enforcement, are immediately alerted and take full command and control over client facilities. Agents deter crime by actively communicating with intruders, warning them that police will be called if they do not vacate the premises.


When an agent determines a crime is imminent or in progress, agents call law enforcement as live eyewitnesses, confirming an active event and ensuring police respond with the highest priority possible.

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Economic Solutions. Satisfied Clients

“Elite Interactive Solutions is awesome to work with. They are a great bunch of people that knew their products and took care of everything. From set up, installation and Tech Support, Elite made it happen without any hassles!”

Monette Hubbard

Assistant Property Manager, Athena Property Management

Monette Hubbard

“Elite Interactive Solutions’ state of the art systems help us operate more effectively and efficiently while giving our residents a sense of security in their community. Elite has been a valuable partner in helping Jamboree achieve its mission, that every person will live in a strong, healthy, sustainable community. “

– Jose L. Sanchez

Vice President Asset Management, Jamboree Housing

Jose L. Sanchez

“Elite Interaction Solutions has made significant contributions to improve the safety of the seniors for the various affordable housing communities they monitor for TELACU Residential Management, Inc.  Before Elite we had a number of unauthorized intrusions into the property as well as car break ins that were related to transient pedestrian traffic that roamed at will.  Elite stepped in and as soon as monitoring started we had results.  Multiple crimes have been impeded through the voice downs and arrests have been made.  Thanks to Elite our residents have seen a significant change in their daily lives.”

– Yuri Escandon

Vice President Field Operations, TELACU

Yuri Escandon

“The Elite Interactive Solutions team are true professionals who provide highly effective and cost efficient security solutions for our apartment communities with their remote guarding services.  With Elite’s combination of excellent customer service, technology, and law enforcement partnerships we have seen a drastic reduction in crime and a positive impact on our communities.”

– Kim Pollack

Vice President, WSH Management

Kim Pollack

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