1. True Loss & Crime Prevention

Elite provides true crime and loss prevention though its Interactive Remote Surveillance Services. Highly trained agents, remotely located in Elite’s Security Operations Command Center, bring the video surveillance security system to life by providing command, control and management of live events at client facilities, including communication to intruders to intercept their activities before it can turn into crime or vandalism.

Elite agents determine the optimal level of response, up to and including mobilizing law enforcement by providing live video support through apprehension of detected intruders. Law Enforcement responds quickly to Elite calls due to complete elimination of false alarms and keeping officers from walking into the unknown.

2. Dramatic Cost Savings

Elite offers significant financial benefits without any capital investments.

Pay for the Elite Custom Digital Remote Guarding and Video Management System, Interactive Remote Monitoring Security and Evergreen Preventative Maintenance services out of savings.

Generate unmatched savings with innovative Remote Surveillance solutions from reducing security guards, loss prevention and the insurance cost savings for deductibles and premiums that result from dramatically improved crime and loss prevention.

3. Security Command Center

  • Highly trained Remote Monitoring Security agents exert command, control and security management
  • Live, real-time remote surveillance, event analysis, threat assessment and action
  • Bi-directional, live audio communications drives loss prevention
  • Client operations and activity reporting and support
  • Secure, SAS 70 Certified building exceeds standards required for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, etc., and rivals major telecom centers.

4. Active Shooter

Elite has developed a powerful support model for addressing “Active Shooters”, which can occur in any public or private facility, from schools to malls to private corporate offices.  Key issues in addressing Active Shooters include the length of time taken by law enforcement to arrive on scene and then how long it takes for them to locate the suspect(s).  With Remote Guarding, command center agents have full situational awareness within seconds.  By locking on and tracking intruders in real time via onsite video cameras, remote agents are live eye-witnesses and function as team members to security and police teams en-route or on premises, providing ongoing feedback on intruder location, description and activities. They can also inform police of the whereabouts of students, staff, and employees caught up in the incident. Elite agent activities  (or police staff receiving hand off from Elite for control) include opening, closing, locking, unlocking doors, as well as communication to staff, students and even the suspect, if appropriate.  In this way, situational awareness is accelerated as much as possible, helping to save lives, accelerate apprehension, and ensure collection and preservation of evidence.

5. Beyond Security – Intelligence

Eradicate frivolous liability claims

Incident and accident claims from customers or employees can be extremely expensive for your business. Insurance companies will often opt to pay a large settlement simply because there is no hard evidence defending your position. Workers Compensation expenses continue to grow.

The Elite ISI digital monitoring and security management system will capture, store and retrieve video in an organized, very user friendly and easily searchable manner.

Employee accidents, Customer incidents and other occurrences can be found, retrieved and archived to a DVD or other file format for later use, including critical evidence for use in court or otherwise.

Increase employee productivity

Elite ISI Remote Guarding solutions, including custom security surveillance systems and other security methods will increase employee productivity, whether you utilize virtual management tours alone, or in combination with using the video surveillance security system to remotely access any site and conduct your own inspections.

Staff perform better when they are monitored, and recorded video can be used to verify compliance with polices, procedures, dress codes, training, and other business process adherence concerns. It will also help ensure your customers are serviced professionally, courteously and in a timely manner.

Managers and staff can visit multiple remote locations in one afternoon and in comfort, using any internet enabled computer or laptop.

6. Other Service Options

  • Delivery Acceptance via security surveillance systems monitored by Remote Surveillance Agents
  • After-hour escorts of staff to their vehicles
  • Facility opening and closing
  • Integrate all facility business security systems through Elite ISI’s system integration expertise, including Access Control, alarm systems, sensors, lighting, air-conditioning, GPS, RFID, Biometrics, etc.

7. Law Enforcement Partnerships

A primary force in Elite’s drive towards transforming the monitoring and security industries involves developing powerful, mutually beneficial partnerships with Law Enforcement. Elite has been successful in building such relationships due to its leadership in developing Remote Surveillance services that represent the State of the Art of Guarding today. Elite’s Law Enforcement relationships range from communications with police dispatch center staff and officers mobilized as a result of actions taken by Elite’s highly trained remote surveillance agents in our Security Operations Command Center, to Police Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs and Captains that desire to implement and benefit from the latest developments in the monitoring and security industry.

First, Elite established and filled its Chief Protection Officer advisory position with Keith Bushey. Mr Bushey is a forty five (45) year veteran of the military and law enforcement. He is presently finishing up service as Law Enforcement Liaison to Los Angeles County District Attorney. He is a retired Commander from the Los Angeles Police Department, Deputy Chief from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, and Colonel from the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He has also served as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, and as the Marshal of San Bernardino County. Concurrent with his role at Elite, Bushey will continue to serve as a lecturer for Law Enforcement Executive Development, for which he travels nationwide to present leadership issues to Police Chiefs and other Law Enforcement Leaders.

One of Mr Bushey’s primary Elite advisory roles is to help Elite build partnerships with Law Enforcement through direct communications about the value and effectiveness of Interactive Remote Guarding (IRG), which has become identified as the State of the Art of Guarding today. This role involves helping Elite demonstrate that Law Enforcement Leaders should be demanding resources for implementing Interactive Remote Guarding wherever possible, and pushing private entities to implement IRG wherever Law Enforcement cannot.

Elite’s Remote Surveillance services are focused around interactive remote guarding and establishing a balanced integration of modern, military grade, video and other security surveillance systems and technologies with former military and law enforcement staff who are located in a remote Security Operations Command Center. The combination of these elements generate staggering improvements in monitoring and security, officer safety and productivity, as well as crime and loss prevention, while at the same time providing dramatic cost reduction opportunities.

Often, local Law Enforcement’s first experience with Interactive Remote Guarding occurs when Elite takes on a new client in their area, and reaches out to communicate how Elite’s Remote Surveillance services will work with law enforcement staff. Time and again, Elite’s experience with Law Enforcement leadership is that they come to immediately understand the benefits of private entities implementing Interactive Remote Guarding. Specifically, Elite is able to explain mutual goals of preventing crime and losses, that agents in Elite’s Security Operations Command Center will be protecting client facilities, will only call when law enforcement is truly needed, and will help protect responding officers by providing live video support and communications to law enforcement dispatch center staff throughout an event, from response through apprehension and investigation.

The positive impact on Law Enforcement operations is immediately obvious, completely stopping false alarms that waste law enforcement time and money, providing video research capabilities to support investigations through intelligent security surveillance systems, but most importantly, helping protect the lives and well being of responding officers by not letting them walk into the unknown.

Law Enforcement Leadership consistently face many challenges to changing existing procedures and processes in their attempts to incorporate modern approaches, including complications presented by limited budgets and cost concerns. Whether made aware of the benefits of interactive remote guarding via private sector clients of company’s like Elite, or independent exposure to these capabilities, Police Chiefs and the like have begun working to implement IRG in their own operations. Whether they are successful or not in overcoming the difficulties in expanding their operations to include Interactive Remote Guarding, the value of moving to the State of the Art in Guarding and establishing partnering relationships with companies like Elite is clear.

8. Security Guard Coordination

One core element of Elite’s Remote Monitoring Security solutions involves its Remote Guarding Agents working with and coordinating any Client’s onsite security guards.

Though Elite’s Remote Guarding services allow clients to replace costly and ineffective guards with security surveillance systems based Custom Digital Guarding Systems, Elite understands it cannot replace all guards in many cases. In those cases where onsite security guards are needed, Elite’s monitoring and security services include serving as the overall security coordinator for the client facility.

For many clients, the value of remote oversight of onsite guarding by Elite’s Agents helps to maximize productivity of onsite guards due to local staff knowing they are being observed by our expert staff. Working with Elite’s Security Operations Command Center agents in this way helps minimize the potential for sweetheart deals local guards might engage in due to the inability of criminal elements to communicate effectively with remote, command center based agents. These benefits are true whether Elite’s Remote Guarding agents provide complete command center management of onsite guards, or just provide oversight to onsite command centers operated by client guards.

Elite appreciates any client’s decision to operate their own command center. However, given the financial and operations commitment required to design, secure, manage and maintain highly trained agents and sophisticated security surveillance systems, full assignment to Elite of the Command Center function provides clients a very cost effective option to building their own security surveillance systems and remote monitoring security capability, and one that more effectively achieves security goals.

One additional point that differentiates Elite’s monitoring and security solutions from most home grown solutions, particularly if home grown solutions are executed by securing systems and operations as separate procurement processes, involves Elite’s expertise in and use of forensics analyses and physical security assessment to develop the overall system design, and then use of ongoing methodologies for testing systems and processes for performance to forensics based design specifications, from system installation through digital monitoring and security system operations and maintenance.

9. Address Security Industry Failures

Retail Industry Continues to Experience Staggering Losses Nationwide:
(source: Professor Hollinger, University of Florida)

  • $42 Billion Retail Industry Losses
  • $12 Billion Spent towards Loss Preventions
  • Recovery of only $122 Million

Monitoring and Security Industries Efforts Continue to Fail to Address Losses:

  • SECURITY GUARDS: documented management and performance problems
  • BURGLAR ALARM, CCTV and OTHER TECHNOLOGIES: Equipment centric approaches continue to fall short of promises
  • Current security monitoring services approaches arose to bridge the gap between guards and technology and also continue to fail.

10. Evergreen Preventive Maintenance

Evergreen Preventative Maintenance

Elite offers an outstanding Preventive Maintenance Services package, which commences on the first day of the Interactive Monitoring, Security and Management Agreement, which is designed to provide complete coverage for the security surveillance systems based Custom Digital Guarding
System for the lifetime of the contract between ELITE and the Client. Unlike extended warranties or time and materials maintenance “deals” the Agreement provides:

  • Complete coverage for parts and labor, which means no additional client expense for repairs and regular maintenance
  • 24/7 self-diagnostic systems, combined with priority service response results in repairs performed immediately
  • Monthly remote health check and reports
  • Annual on-site system inspection and tune up
  • No additional cost for software upgrades

Elite works with a nationwide network of authorized alliance partners to provide client site maintenance and support. This means that local service is provided by local specialists with a vested interest in your account. Response times are faster than typical in-house service agencies due to the close proximity of each office.

Elite maintains 24/7 help desk and customer service support via live phone contact with Security Operations Command Center staff.


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