The Elite Difference

Elite Interactive Solutions has been specializing in Remote Guarding security solutions for over 25 years. Our company knows what it takes to build the most effective and efficient security solutions possible, and protect places where people should not be. Our team members are thought-leaders that have set the bar for quality and effectiveness in the security industry, and been selected by the highest levels of law enforcement as educators for our space.

Forensic Analysis

Elite conducts risk evaluation, physical security assessments and needs analysis to develop custom engineered, event driven monitoring and security solutions for each client.

Early Warning

Virtual presence from custom digital guarding systems detect abnormal events, including human and vehicle intruders.


Command Center Agents delivers real-time live intervention with audio voice down before crime can escalate into theft or vandalism.

Immediate Response

Law enforcement responds immediately to Elite ISI’s calls due to zero false alarms and video support that prevents officers from entering into the unknown. Our Remote Guarding Agents guide them through all situations.

Economic Solution

Dramatic cost reduction through elimination or reduction of physical guards, and with no capital expenditure needed.

Proven Results

Many happy customers enjoying superior monitoring and security, loss prevention cost savings and user friendly business security systems for everyday use!

Need More Reasons To Hire Elite?

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Elite serves a variety of markets in many different industries, and we can help any business located within the United States. Read more about selected focus markets and find out if Elite is a good fit for you.

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Our tutorials will show you not only how to use Elite to eliminate crime and cut costs, but also how our service works. You can view videos of each step by clicking below.

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Live Arrest Gallery

Watch numerous examples of criminals being thwarted by Elite’s proprietary remote guarding system. From arson attempts to break-ins to car thieves, our clients are protected against any and all crimes.

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Remote Guarding Comparison Tool

This tool helps you to compare Elite ISI to other similar remote guarding companies. Click below to get started.

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