Blue-Hackle-LogoFounded in 2004 Blue Hackle is an innovative, low-profile security solution designed to safely and discreetly deliver rapid turnkey protection and risk mitigation services in challenging and hostile environments.  We deliver minimally intrusive, reliable, trustworthy protection ensuring our clients blend into their environment, not drawing attention to their presence or putting their mission at risk.  We are proud to say our clients have suffered no loss of their people or assets while using Blue Hackle services.

We employ highly trained individuals who are experienced in working with local communities and government agencies in areas where our clients operate.  With this approach we give back to local economies by using local vendors and partners to the maximum extent possible.  This effective collaboration with community leaders is not only socially responsible, but the best way to build a secure and stable operating environment for our clients.

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Exacq-Logo-500x185Exacq designs and manufactures the exacqVision cross-platform video surveillance system for exacqVision hybrid & IP camera servers, commercial off-the-shelf servers, or exacqVision Edge compatible IP cameras. The system is accessed with exacqVision client software (Windows/Linux/Mac), web browsers or the free Exacq mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android, and Windows Phone 8 devices.

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