Aria Kozak - Bio Pic

Aria Kozak

President and Chief Executive Officer

Aria Kozak, the company’s CEO and President founded Elite Interactive Solutions in 2007. Since then Mr. Kozak has moved Elite ISI well past the equipment-centric Monitoring and Security Industries. His many years experience clearly demonstrated to him that guards and security surveillance systems failed to deliver true crime and loss prevention. He brings all of his passionate experience and expertise to focus on all categories of business loss, including shrinkage, disgruntled employees, organized crime and frivolous lawsuits and vandalism.

Mr. Kozak continues to move the company forward; revolutionizing the Monitoring and Security Guarding industries. Elite ISI uses Kozak’s unique patent pending methodologies for securing commercial facilities. The process begins with a forensic analysis of the subject facility, which is the most critical element required to prevent crime, then implementation of custom engineered business security systems for each facility, and finally, provision of interactive remote guarding that focuses on significantly enhancing security while substantially reducing security cost.

Throughout his career in the Monitoring and Security Industries, which included senior management of mergers and acquisitions, Mr. Kozak has been responsible for conceiving and implementing many highly successful growth strategies as well as developing, cultivating, and maintaining long term relationships among senior management of many major companies within the security industry.

In 1999, Patricoff Venture Inc., a New York based Venture Capital Group partnered with Mr. Kozak by investing IntellisSec to begin acquiring and consolidating other Systems Integration companies. Mr. Kozak led the effort to make IntelliSec one of the largest Integrators in the nation. In the year 2002, while retaining 33% of IntelliSec Holdings, Inc., Mr. Kozak left the company to begin work on his next exciting venture, which involved activities that eventually led to the founding of Elite ISI.

Rudy Aragon - Bio Pic

Rudy Aragon

VP of Security, Forensics and Engineering

Mr. Aragon joined Elite ISI in 2009, bringing with him his nearly 20 year experience in advanced security surveillance systems and solutions. Throughout his career, Aragon has demonstrated oversight, planning, design, engineering and delivery of innovative security surveillance systems. Aragon’s experience includes serving in all aspects of the Monitoring and Security Industries, ranging from Client Account Management and Sales Support, Remote Guarding and Video Surveillance Security System Engineering, Product Development and Project Management. His background allows him to easily interface with engineers, contractors and system integrators to ensure product solutions meet customer requirements.

Principal accomplishments include selling, engineering and implementing large-scale government projects for the Riverside Unified School District, Long Beach Redevelopment Agency and Los Angeles Housing Authority.

Law Enforcement Advisory Board

Elite relies upon the expert advisement of law enforcement experts from around the country.

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Louis Hook - Bio Pic

Louis Hook

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

As EVP and COO for Elite, Mr. Hook oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. These duties include management of corporate security, IT and systems security, finance, human resources, and administration. He has over 20 years experience in C-level management of communications technology, and IT systems and security, including CIO positions for San Jose Airport, and Los Angeles World Airport. He also has 15 years experience at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he served most recently as the Director of the Communications Technology Services Division. At UCLA he oversaw the 70,000 customer, telecommunications, network connectivity, and Internet Service Provider business. His UCLA experience also included Chief Information Officer and Chief Financial Officer roles for UCLA’s 1,000-member staff Facilities Management Division. He has served multiple corporations, municipalities, universities, and airports, managing information technology, telecommunications, networking, internet and web based services.

Mr. Hook also served as President of LCH Technology Partners which provided professional consulting services in the management of technology. His experience includes CIO for Los Angeles World Airports. He also served as CIO, CFO, and Director of the Communications Technology Services Division for UCLA. Mr. Hook is an MBA graduate of Harvard University.

Jordan Lippel - Bio Pic

Jordan Lippel

Chief Business Development Officer

As Chief Business Development Officer, Jordan focuses on maximizing company growth through sales, marketing, client relations, and key partnerships with law enforcement and the insurance industry. Jordan joins Elite from AliiedBarton Security Solutions where he was, Vice President of Operations of the Southwest. Mr. Lippel is an accomplished security executive with more than 20 years of experience within the Data Security, Integration Security and Physical Security Industries. He specializes in security technology including CCTV, Access Control, Incident Management Systems, and security threat assessments. Jordan holds board of directors’ positions with ASIS, Crime Stoppers, Ventura County Sherriff Foundation, BOMA and LEAPS. Jordan has held executive positions with Fortune 500 companies and is a trusted advisor/consultant to many other B2B businesses. Jordan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Jonathan Kozak - Bio Pic

Jonathan Kozak

Director of IT

As Director of IT for Elite, Jonathan is responsible for the company’s and its clients’ 24/7 technology environments. This includes all IT and network management, engineering and maintenance. He oversees the installation, operation and integration of back-office and command center infrastructure, including client facing and client site based IT and network systems. Jonathan is also in charge of all company and client-based wired and wireless telecommunications, internet, LAN and WAN networking. Responsibilities include Elite’s technology specifications, selection, installation, operation, and security for all computer systems and environments.

Over the last 7 years, Jonathan has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the company’s vital command center; building the computing and network environments, selecting and installing all software, training Technicians and Command Center supervisors, and integrating command center infrastructure with client site systems. His deep experience and keen vision has often placed him in front of vendor system engineers, leading them in understanding their own systems’ potential. He has overseen numerous change management/system overhauls, including virtualizations, major software and storage migrations. Jonathan ‘s role has been critical for the company’s and its clients’ peace of mind; guiding Elite through a robust and complex IT evolution.