Markets: services provided nationwide

Multi-Family Housing

While the core components of Elite’s Remote Guarding Service remain constant, various markets as well as the individual property’s characteristics require particular insight and unique approaches. For instance, large apartment buildings require have common area, loitering and vandalism issues. Other issues include integrated access issues for units, common areas, and parking, with consideration of automated doorman solutions Elite understands and implements solutions for large apartment complexes protecting them from vandalism, car theft, assault, graft, workers’ comp fraud and slip and fall fraud.

Utility Industry

The utilities industry including electric, gas and water providers serve both private and commercial demand for energy. Each of these sources of energy require significant infrastructure such as dams, windmills, generators, and solar farms, each with its designated distribution system.

These vital energy resources require the highest levels of protection. Disruption of delivery impacts not only the comfort of consumers, but their own ability to function and even survive. Elite offers the highest levels of security, securing, monitoring and safeguarding the continuous creation and distribution of energy.

High End Retail – Auto Dealerships

These properties include jewelers, art galleries, designer fashion, and retail automotive. Of these, retail automotive is one of the most vulnerable. Auto Dealers want potential buyers to have as much immediate access to their cars as possible. This means putting at risk millions of dollars in inventory, all just a few yards away from roads, driveways and lawns.

Interestingly, lots with security guards are often targeted. Guards signal thieves that others in the dealership will relax their vigilance. Guards also allow thieves to time their approach away from the guard’s line of site, hearing and location. A good two –person team using cell-phones to relay guard activity allow a thief to go through the process of successfully breaking into a car and driving off the lot to safety.

There are also other common dealership areas where crime and loss occur. Parts departments are notorious for significant shrinkage. Dealerships often simply write this loss off, unable to identify potential or real customers as well as employees. Elite stops this shrinkage fast. Another common area of fraud is in the service department. Customers often falsely claim, when they pick up their vehicles, that body or parts damage was caused by the shop. A quick suggestion to “review the video” always dissuades the customer from pursuing this complaint.


Elite understands the complexities of securing logistics properties. Successful world commerce requires these companies to receive, document, warehouse, ship, track and verify delivery of freight across town or around the world. As one of the most demanding, complex, labor-intensive, and detailed businesses, these hubs of commerce require special insight to secure. Shipping and receiving, docks, warehouses, inventory, documentation and data centers are just a few of the hot-spots requiring specialized monitoring and security.

An understanding of trucking, rail and air transportation is also essential. Elite has the knowledge and expertise to understand methods and protect the areas where crime and loss occur. In addition to increasing security by over 1,000%, Elite saves logistics companies at least 50% of their traditional security costs, primarily related to guards and false alarms. Most, if not all guards can be relieved. Those who may remain far out-perform guards who are typically minimum wage and unsupervised, versus managed and supervised by Elite’s remote agents.


Owners and managers of large commercial and industrial properties often face significant shrinkage of material, supply and finished product inventories. Another key area of concern includes access control of staff flows into and within facilities, as well as perimeter security issues. Commercial and industrial facilities, include manufacturing and product assembly sites, power plants, oil refineries, distribution centers, warehouses, office buildings and others.

Office Buildings

Today’s commercial office buildings face tough security issues that concern both owners and occupants alike. The safety of the people, the physical plant and intellectual property requires the most advanced security solutions. Losses in any of these areas can be financially devastating. This level of security requires careful planning, an understanding of criminal forensics, and an integrated approach to a comprehensive security solution.

Regardless of the office building size, its location or level of risk, three essential security components must be considered; intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance. The size of the office, its layout, and its various departments must be carefully considered. If needed, shipping and receiving, parking lots and warehousing must also figure into a viable solution.

Elite offers the highest levels of office building security to ensure the safety and security of personnel, the physical plant and its intellectual property.


Elite’s new Remote School Guarding Program uses proprietary remote guarding processes to increase school security by more than ten times over conventional security. Elite has hundreds of commercial clients across the country who have literally stopped crime on their premises. For schools, this means big savings from preventing after-hours crime and theft. Such savings can help pay for daytime support for situations such as “active shooters”.

Elite provides services from its Command Center, which is located underground in one of the most secure data centers in the nation. Using some of the most advanced monitoring and communications equipment coupled with Elite’s proprietary processes, highly trained remote agents assess threats, warn off intruders, and provide live tactical support to law enforcement first responders, as well as to by-standers.

Elite has developed a powerful support model for addressing “Active Shooters”, a major concern for schools. Key issues in addressing Active Shooters include the length of time taken by law enforcement to arrive on scene and then how long it takes for them to locate the suspect(s). With Remote Guarding, command center agents have full situational awareness within seconds. By locking on and tracking intruders in real time via onsite video cameras, remote agents are live eye-witnesses and function as team members to security and police teams en-route or on premises, providing ongoing feedback on intruder location, description and activities. They can also inform police of the whereabouts of students, staff, and employees caught up in the incident. Elite agent activities (or police staff receiving hand off from Elite for control) includes opening, closing, locking, unlocking doors, as well as communication to staff, students and even the suspect, if appropriate. In this way, situational awareness is accelerated as much as possible, helping to save lives, accelerate apprehension, and ensure collection and preservation of evidence.