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About Elite ISI:

Elite is a security-consulting firm that specializes in crime prevention, catastrophe, and terrorism.  The core of Elite’s business is providing Remote Guarding, which is intelligent video surveillance systems connected to a Command and Control center staffed with highly trained Security Agents.  To do this well, Elite performs the forensic analysis, owns the installation process, and operates the security-monitoring center.  Elite is a full service security consulting company that plans and executes against a client’s security needs to provide the Remote Guarding and Remote Monitoring Services that prevent crime from happening on our clients sites. Elite’s clients:

  • Receive preferential rapid response from law enforcement
  • Increase security effectiveness while reducing costs
  • Stop frivolous lawsuits and employee issues

Remote Guarding is the next generation of physical security and Elite ISI is leading the way as the market leader in securing property and people for many of the leading auto dealerships, multi-tenant residential developments, retail centers, warehouses, distribution centers, utility companies, constructions sites, and many other crime targeted markets.

If you are looking for:

  • Auto (Car) Dealership Security
  • Apartment Building Security
  • Business Security Systems
  • Warehouse Security
  • Substation Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Distribution Center Security
  • Retail Security

Or simply to replace or enhance your current Security Guard Services call Elite today for your Free Forensic Security Analysis and we will show you how Remote Guarding is used by leading companies to prevent crime.